Quinoa, fruit and nuts

Trying to be kind to my body, trying to.minimise wheat and the other sugars that disagree with my damaged digestive tract.

Oh bread, how do I miss you?! Never mind, carrying on.

Tomorrow, for Australia Day, there will be a family BBQ. I have made an Iced Vo-Vo themed cake (with wheat, because it works) and wil be taking lamb sausages and a salad to share. The salad will be both wheat-free, and fashionable. It may even contain a super-food. Whatever, not a priority.

I have in the past had a great enthusiasm for couscous and now in my wheat-less days I substitute quinoa. There’s an excellent Marie Claire recipe for Jewelled Couscous that I will Frankenstein for tomorrow’s BBQ. It pretty much consists of quinoa plus whatever tasty goodies I can forage from the cupboards. Never the same, no matter how many times I make it.

I’ll boil up some quinoa, then while it is still warm I will add some lemon juice and olive oil with pepper, salt and spices – most probably cinnamon, maybe a little nutmeg. Then the fruit. Currants are always included, and I am enthusiastic about dried cranberries right now. Some slivered almonds – if there are any left. And I know there are pine nuts in the fridge – toasted – they will add some excellent texture. Oh, and mint – there is plenty in the garden. Yum.

Now I’m hungry – maybe a midnight snack is in order.