On test knitting – for others

Love it! Love testing for others, love it when others test for me. I really enjoy the process of working through the technical details of a pattern to make it readable and smooth for future knitters.

I’ve been testing for others for several years and all but one test has been a pleasure. On that one test, the designer vanished part-way through – which was odd. As a result of the many others I have a fantastic variety of knitted goodies – and I have learned some excellent new techniques.

Cardiovascular (Mangrove by Carine Lai)


In the realms of ‘how on earth does this work out’, I learnt Moebius knitting with Mangrove, which is a very well written cowl pattern by Carine Lai. My version is called Cardiovascular – worked in blood red yarn.

Another technique I played with during testing was improvisational knitting with the very amusing Fantasia shawl by Jennifer Adair. She calls her technique ‘Chaordic Knitting’ and encourages you to use dice and other decision making techniques to decide what and how to knit next. Much fun.

Fantasia Shawl

Fantasia Shawl

I have learnt many things about lace by test knitting for Anna Victoria. I’ve tested for her twice: my version of her Gloriole shawl is Avalon , and knitting the spectacular Modest Hortense  was a highlight.

My two most recent tests have been for Christa Gardner, who designs intriguingly structured lace shawls. I have tested two for her as well – one of which is languishing for lack of photography. The other is a finished gorgeousness of silk, cashmere and alpaca in a deep rich orangey-red.

Rain and Agave

Rain and Agave

I do love wearing the luscious Rain and Agave shawl when I feel in need of a bit of glamour in the working day.

Now I’d better head off and finish my Purple Trumpet – glam it up on my mannequin Georgette for the photos.

Then, I will have no test knits on the go – which leaves a lovely big space filled with potential. What shall I do with it?