Learnings from a vortex

I had good, wholesome plans to leave my desk and go to a yoga class at lunchtime today – but the RavVortex opened up and sucked me in. I’m devouring threads about rigid heddle weaving and this has a new focus now that I have me loom set up.

I started weaving yesterday and, as to be expect3ed, the selvedges were wonky and the weft threads were far from even. Then I wound the weaving on and discovered that the cardboard strips and the knots distorted the poor weft threads pretty badly.
So, what did I learn today, as I emerge from the vortex and go back to work?

  1. I can use paper between the threads of the warp: printer paper, brown paper
  2. A tighter tension on the warp is likely to help stop the heddle falling over when it is in the ‘up’ position
  3. And I quote: “Good selvedges come with practice. Be patient with yourself”
  4. And another: “You will use approximately the same amount of yarn for weft as for warp”
  5. Using feltable wool for a first project allows for it to be turned into pot holders or coasters – and felting hides wonky bits.

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