Today I am thankful that…

  1. I get to work with the Canberra Roller Derby officials crew – we did a good job together tonight. I have sore feet, and I’m satisfied with how we ran the bout.
  2. Working with Curly as wrangler – unexpected and great fun.
  3. Monkey and Bayliff – it was lovely that they came over after the bout for a chat, smiling friendly people.
  4. The ingenious little leaves of the Secession Cowl, which is an enjoyable test knit.
  5. I have got the unusual neckline of the top that I am sewing right – after a bit of head scratching.
  6. The birthday present for DP’s upcoming big-0 birthday is purchased – woo!
  7. I have a locker shop all ordered and ready for pick-up on Monday.
  8. There is a cup of chocolate chai left in the jug, a treat for tomorrow.
  9. I’ve just had a very enjoyable glass of Kahlua.
  10. My house is quiet, clean and dry, and I have a warm and comfortable bed to sleep in tonight.

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