Dyeing experiments

I want to try three things – and it might be a bad idea to try them all at once on the same day. Let’s see if my sensible side has moderated my enthusiasm by the end of this post.

1.  Colour samples – 100/90:10/80:20/60:40/50:50/40:60/20:80/10:90/100 – nine samples using two contrasting dyestocks. I’d like to do Desert Pea:Marine, Marine:Wattle and Wattle:Desert Pea. These are the Landscape dye bright primaries. Right now I have twenty little skeins soaking in cool water – that is enough to do two of these colour graduations.

2.  A gradient for Tracey –  a long, long time ago I promised to dye some yarn for a friend for her birthday, and I still haven’t done it. I have mixed up the dyestocks and knitted up the yarn into a blank, so perhaps it is time that I did this thing. That yarn is also soaking.

3.  Dark yarn overdying – with the goal of an intense, dark gradient of colour, I have knitted up another blank, this time of medium grey fingering weight yarn. I can’t quite decide what colours to use for this experiment – black is definite, as is leaving a bit of the base grey. Options include rusty red, maroon brown, blue and purple. This yarn is soaking too – just in case I haven’t got enough experimenting with #1 and #2. Maybe this one can wait – for the following day, weekend, whenever.

Okay, enthusiasm moderated, for the moment.