A decorative trifle

I did something different at the recent Craft Show in my town – I bought a kit with fabric, beads and a pattern for a little neck ornament. I also, unsurprisingly,  did the normal things at the Craft Show – looked at the quilts with pleasure and appreciation and purcjased yarn (glorious yarn).

When it comes to small fabric things like accessories and bags I usually admire, examine and decide to make a modified version  – to match my needs ‘just so’. Of course, I rarely do get to the making part, but I do rather the contemplating and sketching parts. So I tipped the other way with this little piece, mostly because the kit contained lovely kimono fabric and partly in acknowledgement of my habit of not gettig to the making part.

I eagerly unpacked my kit as soon as I got home and started the making the very same day. Sadly it then took me several weeks to finish the project. There were issues with the pattern and with the operator of the pattern as well. In the end, I had three goes at it, using up far more fabric than the designer intended due to mistakes on her part and mine as well.

I finished it earlier this week and wore it to work yesterday, where my new accessory received a gratifying number of compliments. I am now, true to form, contemplating making a modified version to suit me needs. 

This sort of neck piece is a lovely way to feature very special fabrics or pieces of embroidery. I have a little sample of Sashiko stitching that I made years ago and it has stayed tucked in a box. And now I think of it, a piece of batik that was a gift from my husband after a work trip he made to Indonesia. Possibilities multiply…