July: plan for the second half

In the garden: designs on the needles or ready to go

What does the design need to get it ready for testing? And which one is closest to being ready?

  1. Georgiana Newbury: pattern drafting
  2. Glacial: buttons, photography, pattern drafting
  3. Pashmak: buttons, photography, pattern drafting
  4. Rayne: finish prototype, photography, pattern drafting
  5. Seagull: prototype knitting
  6. Lion Newbury: prototype knitting
  7. Berlin: prototype knitting

Greenhouse: designs in development

  • Tulip shawl
  • Tulpenkranz
  • Judith Taverner
  • Prudence Tremaine
  • Iliad
  • Egyptian Lace
  • 001 stole with an edging