Dirty Ice: a bloke’s contribution

Or: why my husband is not the creative force behind my design business.

I had some time off work in mid-June – plonked on the couch with a sinus infection and asthmatic lungs. I wasn’t well enough to be walking and talking my way around the office, but I wasn’t unwell enough to be tucked up in bed. So – knitting!

On a quest to destash some yarn, I designed a couple of small pieces in some bulky single strand yarn that I bought a long time ago. The yarn is Twilleys of Stamford Freedom 100% Wool. As with a portion of my stash, my tastes have changed since I bought it, and these days it just isn’t something I would wear. It is rather lovely yarn though, soft and warm.

I had a couple of balls in a variegated blue and a small amount of fairy floss pink. Leaving the pink for later, I worked the blue yarn up into a generous cowl. The design is based on the principles I used in the Rivenhall Scarf – creating strong and slanting lines to bring out the best in the variegated yarn.

Glacial Cowl

Glacial Cowl

I was rather happy with my quick and squishy cowl and with the creation of a new design for variegated lace. But I was stuck on a name. It didn’t seem to be a Heyer design, and I couldn’t come up with a good little name. I showed my new cowl to my husband, and rashly asked him what he thought it should be called. After a moment of pondering: “Dirty Ice” was the proffered name. I think I went rather quiet and then there may have been some horrified laughter.

I did see where he was coming from, looking at the colours of the yarn – although I think that they are much prettier than his unkind name indicates. So after some pondering myself, I chose to take the theme he had suggested, and name my design Glacial. the large, blocky panels of the lace look to me like the chunky ice cubes of an alpine glacier, and those shifting blue greens are the colours of deep crevasses, dangerous and cold.