July: Mid-year review

I started 2016 with one clear goal for Lyonesset makes: to design and publish twelve knitting patterns in the calendar year.

This has been very useful as it helps me channel the meerkat mind and focus my energies on just one thing. No thinking about advertising, starting a yarn dying sideline, submitting to third party publications or the other shiny ‘idea of the week’. Well, not much thinking anyway. Setting this one goal has definitely helped me stay on track.

So, how am I doing? I’ve published four patterns: Lavinia Grayshott, Frances Wendover, Bluegum Forest Blanket and Rivenhall. I have two hats out with testers at the moment and they will both be ready for publishing in early August at the latest. And there is one already knitted and ready to be written up for testing. Also, many ideas in my Greenhouse storage and one is on the needles.

So I’m going okay, but not quite up to the mark that I set for myself. To be honest, I thought I was doing a bit better than this. Hmmm.

Must be time to make a plan.